"Barbiecore" is an aesthetic inspired by Barbie, that evoke Barbie's glamorous, feminine, and vibrant image.

Color Palette: Expect a heavy emphasis on bright and pastel colors, particularly shades of pink, baby blue, lavender, and other candy-like hues.

Retro Vibes: Given Barbie's long history, "Barbiecore" could incorporate nostalgic elements from various decades, including the 1950s

Positive and Empowering Vibes: Barbie has been reimagined over the years to embrace diversity and promote positive messages.

Fashion and Style: The trend might involve embracing fashionable and feminine clothing, drawing inspiration from Barbie's ever-evolving wardrobe.

Makeup and Beauty: Makeup in the "Barbiecore" trend might focus on achieving a doll-like appearance

Feminine and glamorous fashion: The trend might incorporate elements of Barbie's fashionable and glamorous outfits.

Nostalgic elements: Barbiecore" draw inspiration from various eras and embrace nostalgic elements from different time periods.

Playful and youthful vibes:  the trend incorporate fun and whimsical elements in both fashion and lifestyle choices.

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