Nykaa Fashion Home Decor 2023

Nykaa is an Indian e-commerce platform known for its beauty and cosmetic products.  However , it now  have a dedicated section for home decor.

 Planters: Nykaa offers small planters which can be used to display flowers and plants in stylish vases or pots.

Cylindrical Hanging Lamp : you can also find Cylindrical Hanging Lamp to give a warm look to your home

Hanging Shelf : Grab an elegant hanging shelf from Nykaa fashion decor section to decorate your corners .

Wall Mirror : Decorative mirrors to make your space appear larger and add visual interest.

Fur Bean Bag : Nykaa offers Fur Bean Bag in different colour .

Decorative Objects :  Figurines, sculptures, and other artistic pieces to adorn shelves and tables.

Curtains and Drapes: Nykaa offers window treatments in different fabrics and styles.

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