Joe Pasquale reveals he impaled himself on moose antlers in Skegness

Comedian Joe Pasquale recounted on a podcast how he required stitches after an accident with moose antlers during a show in Skegness.

The incident occurred at the Embassy Theatre last month during his tour, The New Normal.

Pasquale revealed that he tripped on stage and fell on the antlers, narrowly avoiding a more serious injury to his torso.

He humorously described the mishap as a near-death experience during his conversation on Kate Thornton's White Wine Question Time podcast.

Fortunately, the injury was limited to his leg, but he emphasized the severity of the situation.

In his act, the comedian uses a large pair of moose antlers with protruding prongs and jokes about putting too much mousse on his hair.

Pasquale is known for his comedic performances and appearances on shows like I'm A Celeb.

The incident highlights the risks and challenges comedians face while performing with props on stage.

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