Halloween Themed Spooky Home Decor 2023 

Bloody Handprints and Footprints: Create bloody handprints and footprints on windows using washable red paint for a chilling effect.

Witchy Accents: Add witch-themed decor, such as broomsticks, cauldrons, and witch hats, for a classic Halloween vibe..

Creepy Dolls: Use vintage dolls with a distressed appearance

Ouija Board Decor: Incorporate Ouija board-themed decor, like coasters or wall art, for a touch of supernatural mystique.

Skeletons and Bones: Place skeleton props or bone replicas in unexpected spots

Haunted Mirrors: Cover mirrors with a thin layer of black paint or use spooky decals to create haunted mirror effects.

Pumpkins and Gourds: Arrange pumpkins and gourds around your home for a classic Halloween touch.

Creepy Portraits: Hang or display portraits with spooky eyes or changing portraits

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