Goth home decor 2023 

Oversized Mirrors: Large, ornate mirrors with dark frames are a common feature in gothic interiors.

Dark Florals and Botanical Prints: Incorporate dark florals and botanical prints to add a touch of nature while still maintaining the dark aesthetic.

Black Lace Curtains and Drapes: Black lace curtains or heavy velvet drapes can add an air of mystery and drama to windows.

Skulls and Dark Art: Skull motifs, macabre artwork, and gothic symbols are commonly used in goth decor

Candles and Dim Lighting: Candles play a significant role in goth decor, creating a moody and romantic atmosphere.

Victorian and Medieval Elements: Gothic decor often draws from Victorian and medieval influences, with elements such as vintage furniture.

Dark Color Palette: The color palette is centered around deep, dark shades such as black or charcoal gray.

Dark Art and Photography: Decorate the walls with dark art, photography, and prints that complement the gothic theme.

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