Evil Eye Home Decor 2023

Evil Eye Wall Hangings: Hang evil eye wall hangings or decorative pieces on your walls.

Evil Eye Cushions and Pillows: Use cushions or throw pillows featuring evil eye designs on your sofa .

Evil Eye Art Prints: Display evil eye art prints in frames on shelves or walls to showcase the protective symbol.

Evil Eye Rugs and Carpets: Consider rugs or doormats with evil eye patterns near the entrance or in high-traffic areas.

Evil Eye Wind Chimes: Hang evil eye wind chimes near windows to add both decoration and protection.

Evil Eye Planters: Find planters or pots with evil eye patterns to add a touch of protection to your indoor plants.

Breakout Areas: Design comfortable breakout areas or lounges where employees can relax.

Evil Eye Trinket Trays: Keep your small items organized with evil eye trinket trays on your dresser or side table.

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