Car Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas 2023

Race Car Bed: The centerpiece of the room can be a race car bed.

Car Wall Decals: Cover the walls with car-themed wall decals, featuring race cars, tire tracks, or iconic car logos.

Tire Shelves: Use large, real or faux, tires as shelves to display car models, trophies, or car-related memorabilia.

Car-shaped Rugs: Place a car-shaped rug near the bed or play area.

Car Posters and Artwork: Hang framed posters  showcasing vintage car  or racing scenes on the walls.

License Plate Wall: Collect vintage or replica license plates from different states or countries and create a gallery wall with them.

Barbie Party Favors: Send guests home with Barbie-themed party favors like mini Barbie dolls or fashion accessories.

Car-themed Accessories: Add car-themed accessories car-shaped alarm clocks to complete the look.

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