70s Home Decor 2023

Natural Materials: There was a strong emphasis on natural materials like wood, rattan, wicker, and cork.

Earth Tones: The 70s embraced warm earthy colors such as avocado green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, and brown.

Shag Carpets: Shaggy, high-pile carpets in vibrant colors were hugely popular in 70s homes.

Macramé: Macramé wall hangings and plant hangers were widely used as decorative accents

Brass and Copper: Metallic finishes like brass and copper were used in light fixtures to add a touch of glamor.

Avocado Appliances: Kitchen appliances in shades of avocado green were all the rage during the 70s

Open Floor Plans: Open floor plans became popular in the 70s, promoting a seamless flow between different living areas.

Bohemian and Hippie Influences: The bohemian and hippie counterculture in the 70s, have a mix of global and eclectic elements.

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