17 Arch Wall Decor Ideas: Design Your Space By Following Latest Trends

Arches have been applied to architecture for millennia. Warm neutrals, foreign interests, and Art Deco richness complement curvy shapes this season. Thus, circular figures are in demand. Curves right angles, anchor lines, and evenly spaced shapes in architecture, paint, wallpaper, and furniture. Browse these graceful arch wall decor ideas to soften sharp corners.

 Arch Wall Decor Ideas
Arch Wall Decor Ideas

17 Best Arch Wall Decor Ideas for your space

1. Install an arched alcove

Arched alcoves will be appealing and practical, providing a recessed place for console tables, storage, and comfy couches that look stunning when embellished with contrasting colours.

arched alcove

Whether you don’t already have one, then you can quickly create one. This customises the alcove’s height, breadth, and depth to ensure it’s ideal for your intended use.

2. Contrast with colour

Wooden entryway

A bright colour on an archway, whether within an alcove or even around its framework, will provide a contrast that draws attention to the form. It’s a striking technique to add much more intensity while also improving the impression of the area. Much like sunrise, toast the neutral palette.

3. Paint a curvy headboard

A curving faux headboard can modernise a divan bed. Determine the focus point’s size and dimensions while behind the bed by measuring the area behind the bed. To make the arch, hammer or nail further into the wall to designate the centre of the semi-circle. Knot a string piece to the pin. Pull the thread taut and sketch the arch with the pencil. Paint within the semi-circle after masking it with decorator’s tape. The whole instruction may be found at Furniture And Choice. ​

4. Painted arch accent wall

arch wall decor

DIY-painted arched accent walls are an attractive way to add arches to almost any room. It can be dramatic or subtle and be coloured over when you want a change.

Paint the walls with many arches in different colours from your palette to generate eye-catching artistic artwork, or brush a single arch behind the bed, sofa, or bookshelf unit for a more subtle effect.

Retailers sell entire arched overlays if you don’t like painting. Simpler and cleaner!

5. Add an arched folding screen

One of the best ways to add an arch wall decor in your space is using an arched foldable screen is a low-cost, non-committal way to include arches in any interior design without the requirement for construction or restoration.

Foldable screens are a great way to include Japanese and traditional silk in a Japandi concept design. A screen is a terrific way to offer seclusion to a space or divide bigger spaces into various zones, in addition to being a beautiful design component by itself. Right. You may also place it alongside a wall to give texture and decor.

6. Highlight a heavenly bathroom vanity

Make an arched wall decor statement inside the bathroom by enhancing an alcove with leftover tiles. Glossy raspberry tiles brighten the bathroom niche. In contrast, an arched mirror and curved basin are also counted in arch wall decor, maintaining gentle, modest, and sentimental glamour.

7. Take to the floor

Painted floors can be eye-catching, but they become twice as noticeable whenever the assertion is made in arcs. The need to create something bright and simple led to using baby pink chalk pastels in Antoinette with boisterous, zesty Orange to brush those circle figures.

8. Stencil in scallops

A two-tone wall brings attention and expands the impression of space. Clean lines, on the other hand, can appear harsh. This striking design is enhanced with additional scallop-edge patterning, which instantly calms the feel. Create the appearance by drawing semi-circles where another two colours meet with a baseplate as a stencil.

9. Curl up with wallpaper

Pastel colours and a repetitive pattern of delicate arching curves in baby blue, mint green, and peach can brighten up a retro-inspired teen bedroom. Wallpaper is an excellent technique for quickly adding colour and design to a room.

10. Shape up an upcycle project

Give an old square drawer cabinet a new vitality with a new curved paint finish. You can use a bright colour palette, including pink and teal. You can use curved legs, which can add a vintage touch.

11. Zone a dressing table

Create a modest makeup vanity inside the bedroom with an arching paint effect. If you have black furniture and want to create a dedicated pampering space, you can use a lovely blush arch, which brightens the look. Sketch the arc from the midway using the pencil plus string method. A circular mirror adds a luxurious touch to the arched feature wall, and that’s why it also works as arch wall decor.

12. Settle into a home office snug

With a russet red linear background. The arched wall decor covers the home office workspace with a low-hanging complementing circular chandelier that exudes contemporary expertise. The brilliant desk feature lets light filter through the weaving artistry while providing plenty of seclusions.

13. Install a curvy kitchen island

curvy kitchen island

You can build a curving kitchen island to add extra curves to your kitchen. Although curves are typically more expensive than traditional cabinets because of the extra workmanship required, to save money, use a curved centre island in a different colour to make it the focal point! If you don’t have room for an island, place a curving cupboard at the end of a series of cabinets instead.

14. Tile with curves

These delicate pink and pastel blue fish-scale patterning tiles offer a fanciful marine vibe to this charming bathroom. Curved furniture and fittings such as the pill-shaped bathtub, ground taps, and capsule mirror round off the Art Deco opulence.

15. Nurture curves in the Nursery

Special Kid's Bedroom

Curved nursery furniture is appealing but serves a distinct function: babies have no rough corners to trip on. A luxurious Danish-designed bed is appropriate for a newly born to 8-year-old, ensuring that it will develop with your kid and never become out of fashion. It has the aesthetic as it is crafted and painted in gentle sage green.

16. Bring in an arched alcove

Why not create an arcade with on-trend curving edges with plywood and plasterboard if you’re handy with DIY or know a decent carpenter? Why not make it a beautiful element when you do not need your corner for shelving? Strong colour and patterned wallpaper can frequently overwhelm a place, but when utilised judiciously in even one zone, it could produce a balanced personality. A flowery print wallpaper produces a dramatic feature headboard appearance in an arched nook.

17. Embrace natural curves

The advantage of natural materials is that they are easily formed into curved surfaces. Seagrass, rattan, plus bamboo are all excellent choices for circular seats, arched ornaments, and belly sack storage. The round natural rattan coffee side table is the genuine star of this soothing living environment.

Final thoughts on indoor arch wall decor ideas

Indoor arcs are a versatile option that can be applied to any architectural project. They may be used to design a vintage-inspired product or a place that is Scandi and modern in style.

Even before you think about arches, the first thing that typically springs to mind is parts of classical architecture found in houses. However, the smooth, rounded arches could also be found in various furniture pieces, providing a simple approach to integrating this design feature tailored to your style and preferences.

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